Netherlands part – 1

I was quite worried about my flight to the Netherlands for various reasons.

  • I was afraid of dying.
  • I feared that I would forget something important at the airport or that there would be some type of complication which would cause me to miss my flight
  • I feared that my luggage would somehow exceed the Ryanair limits and I would have to pay a fine.

None of those things happened and my grin was sheepish when I saw my friend’s tall figure in the pick-up area. My sigh was deep. Everything was going to be okay.

We were in his place in a couple of hours after two train changes and a bus ride. It had been months since I’d seen him but we soon settled back into old rhythms as we caught each other up on our lives and walked to his flat from the bus stop. It was snowing and I prayed that the weather would improve for the duration of my visit.

I rested my bags on his bed and he introduced me to his housemates. I had some work to to do so took my study materials into the kitchen where they were all gathered at the table and around the stoves. I was worried that my social ineptitude would cause some tensions but the conversations flowed easily and were light.

I told them about myself and skirted upon the darker truths of my life and they in turn did the same. I was a bit surprised to discover a Londoner there as I didn’t think many British people studied abroad. She too had a Carribean background so we exchanged some words on that and I explained how I came to be living in Manchester. The food was soon ready and we ate together. The dishes were random – some Spanish, some Korean, some Italian but somehow it all worked together and I was glad to be in their company on Valentine’s evening. Someone made the point that even if one is single on the day – simply being with friends is satisfying enough.

Read part 2 here:


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