Losing the belly 2016 – 1

In my last weight post 4 months ago, I declared that I intended to get to 99 kg by the end of the year. Unfortunately I did not reach this goal. I am closer to the milestone than at the time of writing, though. I weigh ¬103.5kg at present which is ¬10kg less than then!

I intend to lose 15 kg this year. My mistake last year was running out of steam. I gained weight after the brilliant start to the year and though I lost what I’d gained as well as a few more kg, the net progress was minimal. I intend to play the long game this year – recognising that it’s a long process.

I intend to make fortnightly blog posts on my exercise and health this year. In these posts, I will post my experience with the barbell gym routine I’ve been following for the past few weeks as well as the sports I’ll be trying. I intend to start a Japanese martial in 2 weeks as well as try a street dance class. It’s my hope that my review of classes in my next will be a positive one.

Besides the physical changes, I also aim to change my diet. I will eat more frequently and try to up my daily protein intake. I can accomplish this by purchasing whey protein powder and doubling meat portions in meals. There are also some recipes involving vegetarian sources of proteins, like chickpeas, which I intend to try.

I invite you all to follow me in my journey of health and body improvement.

Thank you for reading


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