A 2015 review and 2016 resolutions

2015 was certainly the interesting year.

I started it with high hopes – participating in a new year transformation contest. A contest where participants followed some sort of regime to achieve some physical goal – whether that be weight loss or improved muscle definition. I lasted for just over a month before I ran out of steam.

I changed jobs a few times. I entered the year working at an advice charity and have ended it at my current place of employment – a primary. However I have also worked briefly in hospitality and retail –  sectors I’d never have dreamed I’d survive in.

In addition to the disappointing experiences though – one of which I write about here – there is much that did go well.

  • I began eating better and improving my fitness habits.
  • I started meeting friends more regularly and even made the effort to visit those who lived considerable distances away.
  • I applied for University
  • My depression stopped and I started to feel more emotions again

My resolutions for 2016 are fairly similar to what I wrote in 2015 and it is my hope I’ll have better luck in the year ahead.

  1. Lose 15 kg.
  2. Commit to 2 clubs and attend the sessions as often as is reasonable.
  3. Blog weekly.
  4. Practice the piano for at least 7 hrs a week.
  5. Commit to following my study plan – studying for at least 1 hr per weekday and 2 hrs per weekend.
  6. Try to arrange a social activity with a friend or acquaintance twice a month.
  7. Say yes to something at least twice in the year which is outside of my comfort zone.
  8. Try to stew less. Instead, distract myself or try to deal with the problem even if that means accepting help from another.
  9. Write a story in November (A novel would be nice but I don’t know if I have it in me).
  10. Get A*AA minimum in my A level resits

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