The 7 best and worst things about having a cold

If you’re an adult, you still have to work. Unfortunately, as bad as we might feel on the day, people have little sympathy for those with colds (particularly men) and it takes the most extreme of symptoms and an exceptionally kind manager to allow you the time off to recover in bed.

You lose a ton of weight. If you’re on a diet, getting a viral infection can be the best thing ever as your appetite is suppressed. Whenever I’m sick, there is always some spare room in my jeans at the end of the bout!

The temperature is always wrong. I bet we can all relate to this one. Taking our jackets off and then putting them back on; fiddling with the thermostat constantly; sticking our heads out the window only to line all the gaps and crank the central heating on mere moments later.

Fatigue/Sleep. I don’t know about you but I get tired very easily. And this worsens whenever I’m even the slightest bit unwell. Unfortunately, I’m never able to get a full night’s sleep as I’m either coughing or running to the bathroom to bring up phlegm :/.

TV, movies and books. This is the best bit, I think. My binging game is the strongest when I’m poorly. Having 2 screens and a phone makes it all the more easier to watch years of shows in weeks – hehe.

Remedies/Medicine. I suppose this only applies if you still live at home but those of you that do will be able to relate to parents shoving foul tasting liquids down. Do they think the nastier it tastes the better it heals? 

Becoming well again. The state of feeling 100% again after making a full recovery is such an amazing one. Sadly, it sometimes takes being ill to appreciate how good it is to simply be in good health. That is, until we begin to become absorbed again with the things we’ve been putting on hold.


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